Regional Options Preference – Group Policy Settings

I recently created a Group Policy change the time / date / currency setting to UK from US.  For some reason, these stettings were not being applied and I couldn’t figure out why.

After a bit of research, I found this post on Experts Exchange explaining why.  To summarise :

In the Regional Options Properties window within Group Policy Management, the setting are, by default, underlined in red (as below)


Whilst being underlined red, these settings are effectively set as disabled.  You’ll notice that when you create a Preference item like the Regional Options, and then save them, when you open them later , the settings you made are just reverted to the defaults.   This is because these settings need to be enabled.  To do this :

F5 – all settings activated (green)  (on the tab you have opened)
F6 – a single setting change from red to green (deactive/active)
F7 – a single setting change from green to red (active/deactive)
F8 – all settings deactivated (red dotted)

Now, for some reason, Microsoft does not specify this anywhere in the window, meaning that unless you happen to know this, there’s no easy way of finding out.


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